Byzantine Istanbul


possible scenarists

scenario places

meeting spot

Front of the main entrance gate of Basilica of Saint Sophia


3-4 hours

tour fee

500 Turkish Liras


Scenario Tips:

  • Bring your umbrella
  • It is forbidden to use flashlight photography inside the Museum

Important Remarks:

  • The rates provided are Net and per person in Turkish Lira currency.
  • Upon new modifications there may be changes in the offered rates.
  • istanbulstepbystep always has the right to modify the tour according to the up most satisfaction of the clients.

Scenario Explanation

The radical transformations this city underwent are vividly expressed by its changes of name: Byzantium, Constantinople and Istanbul. The capital successively of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, it is one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the world.
Initially a modest Greek city, it was chosen by Constantine as the site of the new capital of the Roman Empire and inaugurated in ad 330. The Byzantine Empire continued in direct succession to the Roman, and its capital became one of the largest cities in mediaeval Europe, the guardian of classical culture and a bastion of Christianity.
The city walls were the most powerful in the western world, and while the Byzantine empire gradually shrank before the onslaughts of Persians and Arabs and Latin Crusaders, it was not finally extinguished until 1453 when Ottoman Turks captured the city.

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Cancelation Terms

Scenarios of istanbulstepbystep can be cancelled up to 48 hours prior with a 100% refund. Within 48 hours all reservations are final and cannot be refunded. Scenarios are held rain or shine with some variations to accommodate the weather. No shows are treated as last-minute cancelations and are non-refundable. Cancellations within two business days need to be made directly with our office by calling us directly (or on the emergency number provided).

Important Notes

- The rates have been calculated for maximum 5 participation,
- The rates are in Turkish Lira currency and Net / Non-Commissionable / Non-Discountable,
- The package offered to you is on private basis meaning that a private guide will be provided for the tour. You will be the only ones in the tour,
istanbulstepbystep always has the right to modify the tour according to the up most satisfaction of the clients,
- Upon new modifications there may be changes in the offered rates,
- We will disclaim any responsibility and shall not pay any indemnity or reimbursement in the event of certain museums or monuments included in the program could not be visited with any reason beyond our control.
- If you are running late for the scenario please call our local emergency number so that we can relay that message to the scenarist.
- Tipping is always appreciated although not obligatory. Our clients generally tip anywhere from 10-25% of the purchase price of a personal service such as this, depending on the quality of the experience and their tipping habits.