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Şehzade Mosque or your hotel



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140 USD per person


Scenario Tips:

  • Bring your umbrella
  • The lady participants should bring scarf with them to cover their head when visiting mosques.

Important Remarks:

  • The rates provided are Net and per tour in USD currency.
  • Upon new modifications there may be changes in the offered rates.
  • istanbulstepbystep always has the right to modify the tour according to the up most satisfaction of the clients,

Scenario Explanation

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He is one of the greatest masters of architecture in the World history. He is very well known with classical Ottoman architectural style during the times of Sultans:”Kanuni Suleyman, Selim II, Murad III”. After working as a Janissary for 17 years, he was appointed as chief architect at 1538 until he died.
Sinan shaped the Ottoman Empire architecture in 16th century in so many directions that he was named ‘Great Sinan’, ‘Big Sinan’ by the public while he was still living. With the courtly works which he built in the era that he lived, he drove the actual panoramic view of Ottoman Turkish Istanbul. Sinan, himself is the owner of most of the works that belong to Ottoman Empire Classical era.
In his age, many statesmen queued up for getting their fountains, charitable acts, built by him. It’s quite unbelievable that Sinan lived long enough (nearly 100 years) to achieve these requisitions and had the chance to be eternal by the works that he did.
You can discover the cultural heritage which is given as a gift by Mimar Sinan to Istanbul and get a memory as great as Mimar Sinan.
We will visit the two of most beautiful works of Great Sinan in Istanbul: Süleymaniye Mosque, Sehzade Kulliyesi.

The tour details:

Meet with your guide in the lobby of your hotel. Visiting the Mosque of Sokullu Mehmet Paşa, the Mosque of Rustempaşa, the complex of Zal Mahmut Paşa, the Süleyman Mosque (the mosque complex of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent), a masterpiece of architecture that synthesis all the historical heritage symbolizing the Golden Age of the Ottoman Empire.

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istanbulstepbystep always has the right to modify the tour according to the up most satisfaction of the clients,
- Upon new modifications there may be changes in the offered rates,
- We will disclaim any responsibility and shall not pay any indemnity or reimbursement in the event of certain museums or monuments included in the program could not be visited with any reason beyond our control.
- If you are running late for the scenario please call our local emergency number so that we can relay that message to the scenarist.
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