Sayat Turabik

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Sayat Turabik, born in Istanbul, is an Armenian Turk who lives on one of the tranquil Prince’s Islands, just a ferry ride down the Bosphorus from Istanbul. Sayat headed to the University of Wolverhampton in England for college, earning his degree in business and information technology then going to Germany to study German language at the Goethe Institute. He spent nearly a year traveling in Latin America, teaching English to local children, and then returned to Turkey to begin a career as a tour leader. “Being a professional guide gives me a chance to talk about my beloved country and its people, and at the same time introduces me to other people and cultures. Hearing trip members say “I love this country” is my biggest reward.” Sayat speaks English, Spanish, and German and loves photography, volleyball, and off-the-beaten-path hikes in Turkey’s mountains.