Nedime Dicle

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My name is Nedime. I was born in Söke (1965) which is a town in Aegean Region and known for its proximity to ancient cite Ephesus.
After finishing elementery school, I moved to Izmir (Smyrna) for my secondary and high shcool education in American College Instıtute. This was where I leaned English as second, and French as third languages.
I received my BSc in Journalism and Public Relations in Agean Uni in Izmir. I worked for two years in Community Relations Office for American Air Base in Izmir (TUSLOG), I started organizing tours to ancient sites in Agean Region for the American Officers. This was when I found my new ambition: Learning more about history and culture. After a one year training program in 1996, I was sertificated as an official tourist guide for Ministery of Tourism of Turkey. During the training, I studied History of Anatolian Civilizations, History of Art, History of Religion and Archeology.
Since then, I have worked as a professional guide in Turkey. I have enjoyed meeting new people from different cultures, with different interests and sharing my knowledge with them.
In 1999 I decided to move to Istanbul, the ancient Constantinople, the magical city which has always linked East to West, the capital of two great empires (Byzantine and Ottoman) in history and one of the most amazing, vibrant and cultural cities in the actual world. Since then, I have taken classes and specialized in Byzantine History and Art, Ottoman History and Art, History of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
Istanbul is a city with many attractions and after living in this city for 14 years, I consider myself as a local. Besides leading our visitors to the highlights of the city and sharing my knowledge, I also like to share my experiences as a local, with them. I like to lead them to the places where no other tourists go, exploring the culinary delights, experiencing real life memories and discovering the lives behind the curtains of the well known.
Besides having the qualifications and experiences, I have the enthusiasm for my professional carreer. I am one of the lucky ones whose profession is also her ambition and love.